Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dorks on a Podium

The title says it all.
The season is winding down here for TBB members. Heather and Mary have wrapped up their successful tri seasons, Trent's 24-hr race season concluded at Afton with great improvement, Scotty got married and disappeared, team doctor Andy got homo-erotic on us, etc. There is still some season left though.

Dave, Brian, and TBB Director Sportiff Rick will all be competing at Chequamegon this upcoming weekend.
There are still 2 more WORS races left on the calendar.
Then, of course, cross season starts in earnest with 11 WCA races on the schedule this year (not finishing up until Dec! *yikes*), where freshly-upgraded Brooks will look to do the Brown proud.


Brooks Leedahl said...

good podium t-shirt. i like how you refused to wear the medal so it wouldn't obscure the brown bear.

Brian said...

Gotta support the team.