Monday, August 04, 2008

TBB on!

That's right, Team Brown Bear members Dave Simmons and Rick Mangan were featured in the results of the VeloNews article on the 24Hours of 9 Mile National Champs. Both Vino and Rick competed in the Solo National Championship category.

VeloNews Article

1. Chris Eatough, Trek-VK, 20 15-mile laps in 23:28:51
...some other riders...
28. Team Brown Bear (Vino), 7 laps
...some other riders...
32. Rick Mangan, 4 laps
...some other riders...

Congrats to both Vino and Rick!

Greg and Brian raced at 9 Mile as well, but weren't cool enough to race in the Solo National Champs field, so were not mentioned in the article. :)


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